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Sport Bowling Tour gets a new name!

We are very happy to announce that we have found a Sportsponsor for the Sport Bowling Tour!

This sponsor is 900 Global and they are going to do something very special for the bowlers.

All tour winners of the Sport Bowling Tour, so the best gentleman, lady, youth boy and youth girl win a 900 Global bowling ball. This is awarded as a voucher next to the trophy that one wins as the bowler of the year in the tour.

But more importantly … The winner of the Master final receives a mega beautiful Sports prize, namely a “semi sponsoring” of 900 Global. This main prize consists of;

3x a 900 Global bowling ball
1x a 900 Global 3 ball tote bag
2x a 900 Global shirt
1x a pair of 3G shoes

In total 900 Global sponsors 7 balls, 1 bag, 2 shirts & 1 pair of bowling shoes!

We think this is so fantastic from 900 Global that the Sport Bowling Tour will continue under the name 900 Global Sport Bowling Tour.

To qualify for these great prizes, you still have to play at least 6 tour stops in total as in the rules of the Sport Bowling Tour.

If you have not participated in the Sport Bowling Tour this season, you can still register for stop 4 (Apeldoorn) and the next tour stops, you still have a chance to win this prize.

The tourpot after 3 stops is already more than € 2100,- so there is also a big chance that this season high cash prizes can be won during the Master finals.

If you are fully sponsored by another ball brand and you win the Master Final you will not be eligible for this prize. This prize goes to the next winner who is not fully sponsored. (This one is not allowed to play with another ball brand)

The tour winners will receive the prize. (1x 900 Global ball)

Oilpattern Stop 4 Apeldoorn

Turnpike 41ft Apeldoorn


The Sport Bowling Tour is set up for the promotion of sport bowling. The sport bowling tour will be played in several bowling centers all over The Netherlands with different stops on different dates.

Sports patterns
Each tour stop exists of a total of 8 games of which each game will be played on a pair of lanes. You will only play on sport conditions. Per stop a long, medium or short sports pattern will be used.

Price money per tour stop and ‘sweeper’
When everybody has finished the 8 games per tourstop, the final score will immediately be known and price money will be distributed. So, there will be no finals or a final day. You only have to make 1 trip to play your 8 games.
Participants who have not classified for price money, compete in the so called ‘sweeper’ ranking. In this ranking your 2 highest games out of the 8 played games are considered.
The price schedule can be found under the information button on top of this website.

Tour Pot price
To compete for the prize of the tourpot you must have played at least 5 stops out of 6. If you play all six stops then five highest finishes will count for the ranking. The total prize money in the tourpot will be announced after each stop on the website.
At least 17 men, 5 ladies and 4 youth players (2 boys and 2 girls), are assured of prize money from the tour pot. These places are also for the Master finals in Tilburg.

Costs and registration
The entry fee per stop is 65 euro per person. Are you 21 years or younger than, you pay 50 euro per person though price money will be 50 %. You can register for each individual stop. Direct registration for one of the stops of the sport bowling tour can be done via: www.entriesonline.nl. Log in with your username and password or apply for an new account quickly if you do not have an account name yet.

All information and regulations for this sport bowling tour can be found under the information button on top of this website.

For more information and questions, please contact:
Marco Landman, e-mail: marco@sportbowling.nl