Sign off from a tour stop:

Unsubscribe from a tour stop can be done free of charge up to 1 week prior to the series you have registered for. In the event of a later cancellation or not showing up, the organization will charge 50 % of the registration fee (35 euros or 25 euros/youth). This amount must be paid to the organization for the next tour stop. If this does not happen, the NBF will be called in to claim this amount. The specific player is also refused to play the remaining tour stops. If you want to sign off, do so as soon as possible by contacting Marco Landman via e-mail

Bowling outfit:

The Sport Bowling Tour has a professional appearance. Wearing jeans or shorts during the competition is NOT allowed!

The following clothing is preferred:     

  • Men: bowling shirt with trousers (preferably black) and loudmouth pants.     
  • Ladies: bowling shirt with a (pants-) skirt or trousers (preferably black).

Play mode:

Per tour stop = 8 games American system, 2 to a maximum of 5 participants per pair of lanes. Switch lanes after each game. The lane assignement takes place on the basis of entry during a matchday or prior to the tour stop by the organization. For every tour stop applies: the tour stop takes place with at least 30 participants!


Re-entry is NOT allowed. However, a player may play as a booster, but only after he / she has played a counting series.

Bonus arrangement:

  • Men: Max 10 pins bonus, per game, for men with a pass average lower than 200. A pass with 199 = 1 pin bonus, 198 = 2 pins, 197 = 3 pins etc. etc. per game. Averages are rounded down, so for example 199.30 is seen as 199.
  • Ladies: Up to 15 pins bonus, per game, for ladies with a pass average lower than 205. A pass average of 204 has 1 pin bonus, a pass with 203 = 2 pins bonus, 202 = 3 pins, 201 = 4 pins etc. etc. per game. Averages are rounded down, so for example 199.30 is seen as 199.


3 (Final) prizes standings:

The 1st classification is the final classification per tour stop and is determined on the Total pinfall incl. Bonus after all played games (over all played series). This concerns a mixed classification (ladies and men)

Participants who have won in the 1st classification are NOT eligible for the 2nd standings (sweeper) but are for the 3rd standings (tour standings).

The 2nd classification is the sweeper classification (mixed classification) and is based on the Total pinfall of the 2 highest ranked games including bonus on all played games in the relevant tour stop. This classification is intended for participants who finish outside the 1st final classification (Total pinfall all played games per tour stop). The top 6 (or more, depending on the number of participants of the stop) of the sweeper classification always has a prize.

The scores achieved by participants who are in the prizes in the sweeper classification also count for the 3rd standings, but then include all other games played on the same tour stop. The 3rd classification (tour classification) is ultimately determined on the basis of the final score incl. Bonus after all 10 tour stops, based on achieved ranking points.

Each tour stop per participant is at least 2.50 euros or more in the tour pot and there are ranking points to be earned on the basis of the final ranking per stop.

The top 30 men and the top 16 women, per stop, earn ranking points based on their ranking. The points system for the top 30 men is: nr.1 = 30, no.2 = 29, no.3 = 28 etc … no.30 = 1 point The points system for the top 16 ladies is: nr.1 = 32, no.2 = 27, no.3 = 24, no.4 = 21, no.5 = 18, no.6 = 16, no7 = 14, nr.8 = 12, nr.9 = 10, nr.10 = 8, nr.11 = 6, nr.12 = 5 = 1 point At least the top 17 men, top 5 ladies and 4 youth players (2 boys and 2 girls) of the tour classification after 10 stops, qualify for the master finals (see master finals)

Finals during a tour stop:

There is no final during a tour stop. The final score of a tour stop is determined over all played games after all played series. However, there are master finals after all 10 played tour stops (see master finals).

Master finals:

At least the top 17 in the men and at least the top 5 in the women, from the tour classification, after all 10 played tour stops are automatically placed for the master finals. Also the best 2 youth boys and 2 youth girls place themselves for the master finals.

PAY ATTENTION!! Each participant must have played at least 6 out of 10 tour stops to claim both the prize money of the tour classification and placement for the master finals.

Of the participants who play all 10 stops, the lowest 4 achieved ranking points (4 lowest stops and 6 highest counts) ultimately lapse. With 7 out of 10 played stops, the lowest achieved ranking points will therefore lapse. At 8 of the 10 stops, 2x the lowest achieved ranking points, etc. After each stop, the website will announce how many euros there are in the tour pot. Sponsors also have the opportunity to supplement this tour pot financially. The official playing style of the master finals will be announced on the website at a later date.

Series format:

See website

The series format and start times are determined separately per stop, depending on the number of available lanes in each bowling house and after prior consultation with the bowling entrepreneur.

Registration fee and accrual prize money:

The entry fee is 70 euros per participant (from 21 years) per tour stop and is structured as follows.     

  • 15 euros for Bowling entrepreneur per participant.    
  •  50 euros prize money.     
  • 5 euro organization costs & payment per participant of NBF.

Please pay the entry fee in cash. The bowling center does not accept credit card payments and pins are NOT possible.

Youth players up to 21 years old have the option to stop playing for a reduced registration fee of 50 euros per tour.

If a youth player uses this opportunity, he / she is obliged, if he / she participates, to play the other stops according to this same youth scheme. Mind you, if a youth player wins prize money then at least 50 %will be paid depending on the place achieved in the final score (see the price schedule on the website). The remaining 50 % of the unpaid prize money goes to the tour pot. A youth player may also play for the full rate of 70 euros, this also applies to all other stops that he / she is going to play.

The registration fee is 50 euros per participant for youth players (upto 21 years) per tour stop and is structured as follows.

  • 15 euros for Bowling Entrepreneur per participant.
  • 30 euros prize money.
  • 5 euros organization fee & NBF adminstration

Please pay the entry fee in cash. The bowling does not accept credit card payments, it is not possible to retrieve money by pin from the bowling

Please note that youth players who pay the youth fee can only win half of the pricemoney (50 %). The other half will be put into the tourpot. Once chosen to play as a youth player one will always enter the tourstops as a youth player.

PAY ATTENTION!! The prize money is paid per stop, according to the prize schedule. (10 per number of participants)

If there are more participants than indicated in the pricing scheme, the remaining money per participant will be put into the tourpot.

So the pricing scheme of 40 participants will be used for 40 to 49 participants.

Thus, for example, there are 41 participants, the entry fee of one participant will go to the tourpot, at 42 of 2 to 43, 3 etc. up to and including 49, 9.

Lane Conditions:
The used oil patterns from Kegel Sports or Sports WTBA database or developed by Kegel and Brunswick. there’s lane maintenance before each series.

The scores per game should be completed on the score sheet and after the series returned to the Organization. Unreturned or incomplete scores are considered a 0 score. Also afterwards incorrectly completed scores are considered to be a 0 score.

Ex-aequo standings per tourstop:
In case of a tie, the highest last game (incl. bonus) prevails. Should there still exist below a tie, then counts the highest second last game, etc. There is ultimately still a tie than the prize money will equally be devided between the participants.

Ex-aequo sweeper per tourstop:

If there is a tie in the standings sweeper, prize money will be added together and divided by the number equal terminated participants.

Ex-aequo Total tour standings:

If there is a tie in the tour standings after all played stops, then those with the highest average incl. Bonus for all stops ends highest.

In all cases not covered by these regulations, the organization will make a decision based on the N.B.F. Regulations.